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I am a Maryland Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. I received my Masters degree from Loyola University Maryland in 2011. I have 7 years of experience working in several areas of mental health counseling. After working over 20 years for the government, I changed careers in order to help adults overcome the effects of growing up with adverse childhood experiences. Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) are stressful or traumatic events, including abuse and neglect which are strongly related to wide range of health problems throughout a person’s lifespan. Among these can be substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and relationship problems.

My primary method of counseling is to create a safe space for my clients to feel heard and understood, thus allowing them to feel their feelings without judgment. Too often I hear people say they have never had someone just listen to them. If you have the feeling that others do not know the real you, that you have hidden behind a mask most of your life, I can help.