Drug / Alcohol and Addiction Education (AEP)


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12-Hour alcohol Education Program (aep)

After obtaining a DUI or DWI, Bluegrass can help you recover your life and driving priveleges with the Alcohol Education Program.  We provide our clients with the Maryland certified 12-hour Alcohol Education Program (12-hour AEP). This program is State-certified as a level 0.5 early intervention DUI/DWI education program.


Program details

Important Note: As of August 14th 2014 completing the "entire course" in one weekend is a violation of COMAR (MD Law). Bluegrass Eduation's 12-Hour AEP is a 6-week program. Each week provides 2-hours of alcohol education as directed by COMAR regulations. Our certificate is accepted by all MD courts and Maryland MVA.

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how the program works

Every client enters the program through an assessment by one of our drug and alcohol counselors.  After an evaluation is conducted, recommendations for recovery are made and often include the 12-hour AEP.  If you need more (or less), that too is identified and resources provided to help you get back on track.

How to make an appointment

Call 410-457-3195 or email education@bluegrassmentalhealth.com and leave a confidential message that will be transmitted to the staff who will contact you for an evaluation appointment. If you have questions, please email them to the staff or call.