Dr. Chemtob on her approach:  My therapy approach involves helping clients to identify goals for becoming healthier, happier, more productive and more supportive in their lives.  I then guide them in developing plans of action for reaching their goals, in locating resources that can help them reach their goals, and in tracking the progress they are making in reaching their goals over time.  I also make a number of clinical tools available to my clients to help them with their work in and outside of the therapy session.  I believe that going through the process of therapy has many benefits.  These benefits include learning how to reduce stress and “distress” in our lives, as well as learning ways to resolve conflicts in our relationships. I also believe that a strong, positive relationship between therapist and client provides the best environment for getting the most out of the therapy process.

Dr. Chemtob currently accepts the following insurance plans:  Carefirst of Maryland (Bluecross/Blueshield, Bluechoice, etc), , Cigna and Aetna. 

Helen J. Chemtob, PhD a licensed clinical psychologist who earned her masters and doctorate degrees from the Catholic University of America (an APA-accredited graduate program in Clinical Psychology) in Washington, D .C.  She has been providing outpatient psychotherapy to individuals, couples, families and groups for over 25 years.  Dr. Chemtob has been listed in the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology since 1995.  Throughout her career as a psychologist, Dr. Chemtob has worked in community mental health clinics, schools, hospitals and private practice.   She has now joined our team at Bluegrass Mental Health.  Dr. Chemtob’s specialties include:

*Individual, family, couples and group therapy with adults
*Play therapy with children and their families
*Individual, family and group therapy with teens
*Work with children, teens and adults coping with chronic and/or serious medical conditions
*Psychological and Vocational Assessment
*Goal-Supporters® Groups for Teens and Adults      (®Registered Trademark, Helen Chemtob, 2012)