Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD/ADD)

Many adults suffer with symptoms of ADHD and either don’t recognize it, or have learned to cope with it, but treating the symptoms can make a big difference in a person’s life.  Although adult ADHD is the same disorder as diagnosed in children, adults frequently have less (or none) of the hyperactivity symptoms and more of the inattentive symptoms:

·         Trouble finalizing projects, especially after the difficult problems have been solved.

·         Often require reminders to remember (even important) obligations.

·         “If I don’t do it right now or write it down, I’ll forget it…”

·         Delay in starting projects that require a great deal of thought.

·         May fidget or pace.

·         Small breaks in strict routines can cause extreme disruption in daily life (if asked to do one more task, the whole routine can be thrown off).

About half of the adults we treat took medications during childhood—the other half have remained untreated but managed their symptoms with lists/routines/reminders, but even slight disruption in routines can lead to real problems.  This leads to a style of living that is inflexible and intolerable to many people (or their families/co-workers).

Treatment can include therapy and/or medications.  Medication is preferred by most adults because it works fast (same day for many of the medications).  Our usual approach is to evaluate patients for symptoms and then make the diagnosis if appropriate, and then discuss treatment options.

When used appropriately, medications are safe and effective, but there can be side effects (especially in higher doses) that include:

·         Weight loss

·         Increased blood pressure/heart rate (the doctor will measure these during treatment)

·         Decreased need for sleep/insomnia (at higher doses not usually required to treat adults)

Medications, if indicated, will be started slowly and at lower doses, and then titrated to the lowest effective dose.  Commonly used medications include: 

·         Adderall

·         Vyvanse

·         Ritalin

·         Concerta

·         Intuniv

·         Kapvay

·         Straterra

Your doctor will present the best treatment options based upon you symptoms and medical history, and then you and your doctor will decide the best medication for you.

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